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How to Thrive With Your Anxiety and Make It Your Secret Edge

...So You Can Finally Live Life to The Fullest and Thrive Again!

Wednesday, October 28 @6pm (eastern time zone)









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Julian Brass
Bestselling Author of Own Your Anxiety

Nationally sought after keynote speaker, online educator and anxiety coach. Julian teaches people how to thrive with anxiety and make it their secret edge so they can live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

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Here’s what you’ll learn…  

  • Techniques to literally reduce your anxiety on the spot 
  • My exact process to create a lifestyle that leads to less anxiety 
  • My top proven tools to use your anxiety to strengthen your relationships, get healthier and even progress in your career.

Secrets You Need To Know

There are 3 secrets to dealing with your anxiety that will forever change your life… 

  • Secret #1: You don’t need to “cure” anxiety, you need to listen to it
  • Secret #2: You have a hidden, internal power source that can boost your energy on demand and at will, without caffeine or stimulants
  • Secret #3: Feelings of calm, steady, peacefulness are immediately available to you at any time 

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